All instructors

Erika Lopez

My greatest joy is to share the gospel and the heart of Christ intertwined with His creation here on earth. I am devoted to making learning fun, applicable, and interesting for my students.

Darlene Wilch

I am passionate about teaching students to see God’s intelligent design and order in math and how language and communication in the written word can make an impact on the world.

Renee VanEck

Renee has a fondness for math and science and enjoys showing students the orderliness and wisdom with which God created the world.

Hannah Young

I hope to instill a love for learning in my students and support parents in their desire to teach their own children.

Hailey Troya

Mrs. Troya loves sparking joy in her students by finding things they are passionate about.

Aaron Mood

Dr. Mood completed a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship at Vanguard University, where he is currently an Assistant Professor. He is passionate about teaching and seeing students learn.

Sue Basile

Mrs. Basile loves exploring art and photography, and is an avid history nut, soaking up as much as she can learn on the subject.

Alina Kehoe

Ms. Kehoe has a huge heart for working with children.

Megan Morales

“I aim to teach life lessons within each subject and apply them to the kids’ daily lives.”

Julie Goree

Social Studies and Study Hall

Ralph Wagenet


Teaching Calculus