Tech Support

Star Homeschool Parent Portal

The parent portal is issued to parents when you first apply to the program. It is a tool used to:

  • Manage enrollment
  • Make payments
  • Complete important forms
  • Sign up for parent participation
  • Sign up for study hall
  • Access the PSP Manager (for PSP only)

Student Google Account

A google account will be issued to each student enrolled in a course when a parent completes the Student Application.

  • User name is always
  • This google account will be used to sign into the student’s Canvas course with Single Sign On.
  • The login details for each student are automatically sent to the parent email when the Student Application is completed.
  • Look for the email titled “Star Student Information for (Student Name)”
  • Students will also have access to other Google services like Drive and Calendar.
  • Starhomeschool Google accounts are a closed network and students will only have access to interact with other Star students.
  • How do I change my Google password?

Student Canvas Account

Canvas is an online tool where your student will see each class he/she is enrolled in and will be able to access announcements, discussions, document downloads and assignments for that course.

  • You will use your Star Homeschool Student Google account to login. If you get an error message, go to and login first.
  • If your course are not accurate, complete the Tech request form below.
  • Use Canvas’ inbox to communicate with your instructor.
  • Use these Canvas Guides to learn how to use Canvas.
  • How do I change my Canvas password?
    • You don’t, you may change your google password, which is used for Canvas.

Request Tech Support

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