Essentials Program for grades 9-12

Tailored for high school students with special learning differences

Many high school students have learning differences that make college-prep high school courses frustrating and overwhelming. Some students may not be college bound, but would like to achieve the minimum requirements to earn a high school diploma so they can go on to a trade school or certification program after graduation. It can be challenging to find high school programs that meet your student’s specific learning needs. Be encouraged that you are your child’s best teacher, and home education can truly give your child an excellent, content-rich, and completely personalized education plan. One of the most empowering and effective tools for home education is your community! Both you and your student need support and encouragement on this journey. Star Homeschool Essentials Program is designed to come alongside you and provide an educational environment that gives your child the essential skills and knowledge they need to graduate. We provide a positive and encouraging place for them to learn and grow with friends and teachers.

  • Presents content-rich lessons in ways that address multiple learning styles and abilities
  • Uses curriculum that is at a 5th-7th grade reading level with audiobooks available
  • Offers shorter reading passages, quizzes and assignments which allows for longer processing time
  • Teaches study skills to support independent learning
  • Encourages student confidence and active learning through exploration and discovery
  • Offers a supportive learning environment
  • Meets California minimum standards for graduation and will apply towards a high school diploma