Apply & Enroll

How Do I Apply?

If you are new to Star Homechool Academy (or it has been one full year since you have not been enrolled) you will need to Apply. Fill out our online Family Application form. You will be prompted to complete a Student portion and E-forms for each student you wish to enroll.

Once you have completed our Star Family Application you will receive an email with a password and instructions on how to login to your Star Parent Portal.

How Do I Enroll?

  1. Once you have completed all Family/Student Applications and E-forms you will be free to Enroll from our Course Catalog. You must be logged in to your parent account to enroll.
  2. Choose the course you wish to enroll in and then click “Enroll”
  3. You will be prompted to select which student you wish to enroll.
  4. Then you may go back to the Course Catalog to enroll in more courses OR
  5. Proceed to your Parent Portal to make a payment, choose to pay your balance, or sign up for monthly installments. You must pay the minimum fee within 45 minutes in order to secure your class enrollment.
  6. Done!