Frequently Asked Questions

How will Covid-19 affect this semester?

Star Homeschool Academy’s mission to serve and support the homeschool community, we consider the health and welfare of our students and staff a priority. We will continue to stay informed as state and federal orders are issued, and we will conform to required policies. As more information becomes available, policies tend to change accordingly, and Star Homeschool Academy will align with both state and federal policy expectations. Please visit our News page for the latest on Covid-19 precautions and policy.

Do classes change at the semester?

All courses are intended to be year-long courses, with the exception of Government & Economics, which are offered one semester; Government in the fall and Economics in the spring.

Does Star Homeschool Academy (Star) allow rolling enrollment?

Yes. Please contact the to inquire about enrolling after a semester has begun. Bear in mind that for some classes, it may not be possible to add a class mid-year due to either enrollment numbers or the advanced nature of the previously-covered material.

Does Star Homeschool Academy provide textbooks?

No; Star Homeschool Academy does not purchase curriculum, and such curriculum materials are not included in the price of the program. A Curriculum Summary Chart with ISBN listings is provided on the Star website.  Purchasing used books is an option, however, please make certain that the correct edition is ordered, using the ISBN on the chart. Allow adequate time for ordering materials so your students are prepared to begin coursework when classes begin.

Does Star Homeschool Academy provide transcripts?

With the exception of Star Private School Satellite Program, Star Homeschool Academy is a supplementary education program, and as such does not provide transcripts, and neither offers nor grants academic credit for classes offered. Enrolled families are either members of a transcript-issuing institution such as a Private School Satellite Program (PSP) or charter school, or families file their own private school affidavit. It is through these schools that academic credit is received and transcripts are issued when parents, who remain the primary educators, can demonstrate their student’s completion of coursework to warrant granting credit. Star Homeschool Academy does provide documentation to parents to help validate the classes such as letters of introduction, course descriptions, course schedule, and assigned coursework scores for junior high and high school courses.

Do I need to be enrolled in the Star Homeschool Private School Satellite Program to participate in SHA courses, services, or events?

No, although you are invited to apply to the PSP, enrollment in the PSP is not required for enrollment in any Star Homeschool courses, services or events.

Is there a modesty standard?

Yes. Our modesty standard is focused upon upholding core values (spiritual growth, academic excellence, and community) and our specific interest is to create an environment that promotes a Christ-centered community and a Christian witness to the world. We acknowledge modesty runs deeper than a dress standard and begins with remaining pure in mind and heart regardless of the way another is dressed.

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Where do students go if they do not have a class?

While on campus, students are to remain under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. When your student has an open period between classes, they will need to be enrolled in Study Hall for a nominal fee. Study Hall is supervised by a SHA employee and students are directed to use the time to study.

Is there time for socializing?

Yes. Students build friendships and have opportunities for fellowship. There is a designated location for lunch breaks at the campuses where students may socialize in a supervised environment. Special theme days are offered at select campuses throughout the year to promote community, friendships and fun!

What is the parents’ role?

You, the primary educators, play the decisive role in your student(s)’ education. We are here to serve and equip you to confidently and successfully instruct your children as you prepare them for their unique calling. Parents are expected to be available in the classroom minimally twice a year, and assist the teachers with various tasks during that time.

Are your courses accredited?

At this time, no. However, Star Homeschool Academy has plans to seek accreditation as a Supplemental Education Program.

How are elementary students grouped?

Classes are divided by grades K-6 for full day classes on Mondays. Social Studies/Fine Arts classes are combined K-3 and 4-6. If enrollment increases, classes will be re-grouped as K-2, 3/4 and 5/6.

What classes are included?

Classes included are language arts, math and science.

Will my student have the same teacher all day?

Kindergarten students will have the same teacher all day. Students in grades 1-6 will move from teacher to teacher for each subject taught.

Will my student be in the same classroom all day?

No, teachers will remain in the same room all day and students will move from teacher to teacher each period.

Do I need to purchase curriculum for semester full-day package classes?

Yes; please refer to the Books and Curriculum Page for the list of books required for each grade level.

Will Star Homeschool Academy provide a course schedule?

Yes; each student will receive a course schedule for each subject that outlines the class discussion and at-home course work. We believe that students who follow the course schedule at home will have a richer classroom experience. However, following the course schedule at home remains optional.

Will my student's homework be scored and will I receive a score summary?

No; student homework will not be scored and scores will not be recorded by SHA. Parents are responsible to grade and maintain records of their student’s work. Teachers will review homework and provide input to encourage student and/or improve progress.

What if my student is ahead or behind in math (or other) curriculum?

Students are divided into grade level groups and taught accordingly. You as the parent will have the course schedule as a guide to know what is being taught in each class on a daily basis. Should your student be ahead or behind of the suggested Star Homeschool Academy curriculum, you should plan to use the class time as enrichment. At home the parent will be able to teach their student at the student’s individual level.

Will my student be issued a Canvas or Gmail account?

Yes, all students enrolled in a Star Homeschool course are issued a Gmail and Canvas account that may be maintained by the parent or the student, depending on your preference.

What is the involvement of the parent at home?

You, the primary educator, play the decisive role in your students’ education. Using the course schedule as a guide, parents will teach and assist their children with assignments indicated on the course schedule.

What is the involvement of the parent at the campus?

Parents are asked to assist with lunch time at least once during the semester. Siblings may accompany parents on that day. Parents will sign-up for their volunteer day on the first day of classes. One teacher will be present during lunch at all times.

Can a child with learning disabilities be successful in the semester full-day package classes?

Most often, yes. Star Homeschool Academy desires to assist parents in meeting the educational goals of all students, including learning disabled students. Communication with the teacher on a regular basis is encouraged for student success. Accommodations and adjustments to the coursework are acceptable when requested by the parent.

How is class behavior managed?

In Elementary Academics students are guided through appropriate classroom behavior using the three Rs:

  • Respect your teacher, staff, classmates and property of church and others.
  • Raise hands and be a good classmate by waiting your turn and being a good listener.
  • Readiness – be on time, be prepared, participate in class, and do your best.

In cases of behavioral issues, parents will attend a parent support meeting with the lead teacher to discuss correcting the behavior. If a student continues to violate the conduct policy, the student may be placed on a student behavior contract and parents will be expected to attend classes with their student for a predetermined period. If violation of policy continues, the student may be dismissed from class.

Is lunch provided for my student?

No; students bring a sack lunch and snacks (optional) each class day. Lunch and break supervision is provided by SHA staff and scheduled parent volunteers.

How do I contact my student on a class day in the event of an emergency?

To contact your student in class, please call SHA administration at 714-485-9223, and a message will get to your student.

As a parent, may I stay in the classroom while my student is participating in a course?

Parents are always welcomed in any class. We ask that you discuss this with your child’s teacher or Star administration and make arrangements before attending class.