Star Homeschool Academy Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Parent Volunteers and Participants: Parents may assist with scoring and recordkeeping as requested by SHA administrators or faculty. Parent volunteers and participants are expected to respect the privacy of all students, and shall maintain the confidential nature of students’ scores and other student and parent records. As such, parent volunteers and participants should not disclose students’ scores, records, or other concerns to anyone other than the staff or faculty member for whom the parent is working. 

Star Homeschool Academy (SHA) Private School Satellite Program (PSP): SHA PSP maintains a cumulative file for each student. This file includes the following records: academic records (transcripts, standardized test results, courses of study, etc.), health records (health card, immunization records, etc.), attendance records, teacher qualifications, legal documents, and other information deemed appropriate by SHA PSP administrators/staff. Student cumulative files are confidential and may only be accessed by SHA PSP administrators/staff. 

Parents (or legal guardians) may inspect and review individual records relating to their minor child by making an appointment with the SHA Custodian of Records and identifying the record(s) that the parent/guardian wishes to inspect. Proper identification and a signature are required to review records. Parents/guardians are not allowed to remove items from their child’s records. 

If a parent/guardian believes that a record contains inaccurate or misleading information, the parent/guardian may request that the record be amended. The parent/guardian should submit a signed letter to the SHA Custodian of Records clearly identifying the part of the record that the parent/guardian wants changed and specifying why it should be changed. The Custodian will notify the parent/guardian whether the record will be amended as requested. 

Students over age 18 have the same rights as their parents/guardians to inspect and review their records and request amendments to such records under the above provisions.