Star Homeschool Academy to Launch for Fall 2020

Announcement from Biola University

Biola Youth Academics (BYA), which includes Torrey Academy (TA), Star Academics, Private School Satellite Program (PSP) and Elementary Academics, will be closing at the end of this 2019-20 academic year, June 2020. Biola will, however, retain the Friday elementary clinicals led by the School of Education. The spring 2020 semester will be the last semester for all who are enrolled in Biola Youth Academics and Torrey Academy.

We appreciate the support of the Biola Youth Academics and Torrey Academy families throughout the history of the programs. BYA celebrated 20 years in 2016 and TA will celebrate 20 years in 2020. It has been a rich history of serving hundreds of K-12 students by providing academically rigorous programs from a biblical worldview. Thank you to all the current families and students and the many alumni from the programs.”

Next Steps

Under the direction of Robin Slagle, a new program called Star Homeschool Academy will launch in Fall 2020. Similarly, the Torrey Academy tutors, led by Jacob Waller and Anna Barber, will launch Emmaus Classical Academy in Fall 2020. Neither program will be affiliated with Biola University but both will closely follow the same educational models and biblical principles as Biola Youth Academics and Torrey Academy. If you are interested in more information regarding Star Homeschool Academy, please email or fill out the form below. For more information regarding Emmaus Classical Academy, please email

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