Abby Basile

About Mrs. Basile

Abby Basile participated in Biola Youth Academics from her 7th-12th grade years, enrolling in Torrey Academy during her last two years. After graduating from Hope Christian Academy, she went to Liberty University for 3 years and studied American Sign Language while also working as a Teacher’s Assistant for one of the senior professors in her department. As a TA she tutored students, organized online corrispondance for hundreds of students, lead study seassions, and taught a total of 18 philosophy lectures when the senior professor was unavailable. She graduated from Liberty University with honors and a B.A. in Philosophy.

Post-graduation led to a Substitute Tutor position with Torrey Academy and other jobs where she could thrive in her leadership and teaching skills. She currently teaches at 2 schools, works at Disneyland, and is an Office Intern at Wheatstone Ministries. Some of her favorite things include musical theatre, reading, discussion, Disney, and hanging out with friends.