Star Homeschool Academy Forms

Please complete each of the following forms in order to participate in any program, service or course offered by Star Homeschool Academy.


1 Anti-Bullying Agreement
2 Honesty Policy
3 Parent Consent
4 Student Consent
5 Standards of Conduct
6 Statement of Faith
7 Wet Ink Form Upload
  • Anti-Bullying Agreement

  • As Christians we believe that all behavioral guidelines are summed up in Matthew 22:37-39:

    "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (ESV).

    We like Jesus, are concerned with the heart of the student, and expect Star Homeschool Academy participants to act with love toward those around them and to avoid behaviors and attitudes that might harm the Star Homeschool Academy community.

    Students are expected to demonstrate an attitude of civility and cooperation in word and deed to the Star Homeschool Academy community by recognizing the following guidelines pertaining to bullying and hazing:

    • Bullying and hazing are serious matters. Bullying is any mean or disrespectful behavior that is done intentionally to cause physical or emotional harm to another person or persons. Hazing is any initiation into a team or group that may cause humiliation, physical or emotional harm to others or which destroys or damages property. Bullying or hazing may be based on a person’s real or perceived race, color, national origin, religion, disability or medical condition, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
    • Physical Bullying Hitting, kicking, pushing, or other unwelcome physical contact. Serious physical bullying may be regarded as a criminal act, such as battery or assault.
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Bullying Name calling, hurtful teasing, spreading hurtful rumors or gossip, making threatening comments or gestures, or rude noises with the intent of degrading others. Behaviors such as these are taken seriously and may be reported to administration or if necessary, law enforcement.
    • Social or Relational Bullying Leaving people out, rejecting, manipulating relationships, rating or ranking people, or trying to ruin the reputation of another.
    • Cyberbullying Using an electronic device, such as a cellular phone, computer or tablet, to post or share embarrassing rumors, images, or messages. Cyberbullying may include the creation of false profiles or credible impersonations of another actual person without their consent (Ed. Code§43900). Sending nude or sexual images may be considered distribution or possession of child pornography.
    • Sexual Harassment Any unwanted or demeaning behavior about someone's sex, sexual orientation, or gender.
  • I commit that I will treat others respectfully. I will report bullying to an adult. I understand that if I bully others, there will be consequences, including possible suspension, expulsion, or arrest. I agree to work with others for peaceful solutions.
  • I have read the above guidelines and commit to encouraging my student to always respect others. I have instructed my student to be a positive leader. I have advised my student to report any bullying to a trusted adult or school personnel. I agree to work with SHA for peaceful solutions.