Elementary Orientation (Grades 1-6) Tustin

This is a mandatory event for all students and at least one parent. The morning will begin with a brief 15 minute welcome and teacher introduction. Immediately following, students and parents will be dismissed for a 20 minute rotation of the class schedule.

Thursday, August 27, Orange County Church, Tustin.

Time: 9:00 am (first day only; after this classes begin at 9:30)


Important Details for the Day

Please note that both parents and students are required to attend Opening Day. Please do not send your student without a parent or responsible adult.

We will meet to discuss a few items and meet our teachers. At 9:30, students and teachers will be dismissed, and parents will remain for Q & A

Parking: Please park on the street and walk down the sidewalk between the church and the pastor’s house to the fellowship hall.

What to bring to class

  • Sharpened pencils and eraser
  • Color pencils or crayons
  • One container of disinfectant wipes
  • Pocket folders with notebook paper
    • 1st and 2nd grade Language Arts print multiple copies from Canvas:
      1. Handwriting paper-large-lines-picture and
      2. Primary-writing-paper-large-lines-name
  • Water bottle and snack
  • Disposable lunch (no hot lunches)
  • Science: always bring notebooking journals
  • 5th and 6th grade Language Arts: bring completed Easy Grammar assessment test to be turned in. The test is found in the Teacher Edition, Grade 5- pp. v-x and Grade 6- pp. v-xii.

What not to bring

  • Spiral bound notebooks (they make a huge mess)
  • 3-ring binder and loose leaf paper (place paper in a pocket folder instead for easy grabbing)
  • Books: There is no need to send any books, other than the science Notebooking Journal, to class unless your teacher specifically asks you to send them with your student

What to wear

  • Comfortable clothing such as t-shirts and jeans or shorts
  • Close-toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)
  • When the weather changes, please label sweaters and jackets

We will cover many items at the meeting on the first day, and we are looking forward to seeing you all!