Sue Basile

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About Mrs. Basile

Sue Basile studied graphic design and art, eventually earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art Photography at Cal State Long Beach in California. She has been teaching the homeschool community at various schools for 22 years, from 3rd grade to 12th grade; eleven of those years being with Biola Youth Academics, teaching both junior high and high school grades. The subjects she has taught are logic, elementary health, geography, world & U.S. history, photography, fine arts, and yearbook. She homeschooled her own children K-12; both of whom have since graduated from outstanding Christian universities. Mrs. Basile loves exploring art and photography, and is an avid history nut, soaking up as much as she can learn on the subject. Her favorite pastime is anything that includes her two daughters and husband. Second favorite would be working on a creative project of any kind.