Paola McQueen

About Ms. McQueen

Paola McQueen is a USC graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Public Policy, Management and Planning with Emphasis in Education Policy. She also holds an Elementary School Teaching Credential from Cal State, University of Fullerton. She has been a teacher in both public and private schools for the past 13 years. This will be her 2nd year teaching at Star Homeschool Academy. Paola serves in her church as a kindergarten Sunday School teacher and has led the elementary students in the Liturgy of the Word, with her 2 children by her side.

Over the years, Paola has found that her passion lies in teaching children to read and write. Seeing students blossom in their literacy throughout the school year is one of the reasons she has always felt called to work in younger grades. She believes strong literacy skills set the foundation for the rest of the child’s academics in all subjects.

Paola’s Faith has always played a major role in her life, having been educated in a Private Christian school and a Christian home. With this foundation as her guide, she is eager to share the love of Christ in her classroom with her Kindergarten students as they grow academically.

Paola and her husband are blessed to have a son in Kindergarten and a daughter in 2nd grade.